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PETER GOOD, a graphic designer and artist, is

known for the powerful images he has created for countless corporations, museums & institutions. 


His work has consistently

received awards from all the major graphic design organizations in the United States, and is published in design 

periodicals globally. 


Peter’s work is included
in the collections of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, NY; 
the Library of Congress, Washington, DC; The 
Museum fur 
Kunst und Gerwerbe, Hamburg; 

Neue Sammlung MuseumMunich; and the Museum of Modern Art, Toyama, Japan.


Peter received a CT Commission on the Arts, 
Lifetime Achievement Award in 1992, A CT Art Directors Hall of Fame award in 1995; The University Medal, UConn, in 1997; and he became a fellow of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, in 2009.



The following is a reminder of how we worked in the Stone Building.
Our new life at home will also be creative and varied. More later!


Our design life has developed into a selected duality encompassing two spheres of passion; the print world of images and typography and the sensual world of fabrics and textures, a literal "upstairs" and "downstairs" endeavor housed in our landmark Greek Revival building. Upstairs, Cummings & Good, our graphic design studio, is involved with the varied communication needs of corporations and institutions. Downstairs, C&G retail caters to a discerning, sartorial-sensitive public. And the two worlds are as intertwined as a Donegal tweed wrap. Packages arriving daily at Cummings & Good can vary, from a box of Parisian hats, to a manuscript for a book design project. Answering the phone can involve responding to a text change on a poster, or the availability of a size small Bettina Riedel dress, "You know, the one with the uneven hem", requiring our staff to be as flexible as quick-change artists.

The slightly polarized interests that have occupied our musings for the past 45 years originated in the early stages of our design evolution. Having met in art school in the 60’s, we both loved drawing and painting. Jan designed clothing and hats. Peter took the fabric and made appliqués and quilts. Together we fabricated dolls and toys, and as the pendulum swung, posters, packages, illustrations and letterforms. We were enthralled with the richness of woven and printed fabrics, as well as the visceral power of words and images.

Our collaboration continues to this day, with extraordinary support from our design assistant Kirsten Desnoyers, and shop gals Mary Wakeman and Kate Cotton. Our sons also weave in and out of projects and offer philosophical and artistic insights to our various endeavours. Justin Good, Ph. D., writes the introductions to our themed calendars. Jesse Good, a sculptor and inventor, designed and fabricated the retail shop’s interior, and the steel benches and chairs that provide respite to visitors of C&G.

Another essential of our design focus is the town and community where we live and work. Chester, voted as the “best small town” in our state by Connecticut Magazine, is an exemplar of the virtues of smallness, and we have helped shape the culture of this River Valley gem of a town. We’ve designed the town seal, historical publications, numerous civic and business identities, signage, posters, ads and promotional brochures.

Jan is fond of saying that Chester also provides for us. Our building, acquired in 1984, is one of its riches. Major renovations in 1985 and 1993 resulted in an open space second floor studio with third floor archival storage. And from 2000 through 2006 the first floor rediscovered it’s early 19th Century function as a retail store. During that renovation, layers of walls, flooring, and ceiling tiles were removed to expose the three-foot thick stonewalls, solid maple floors and chestnut ceiling beams. Chester also provided us with a house on a hill overlooking the center. (We can walk to work on a path in the woods.) And our expanded sewing room with its 5' x 8' square worktable is retreat where Peter can piece together an appliqué for a print series, and Jan can craft a new chapeau.  

Our design and art continue to evolve responding to the dynamic changes in technology, media, and popular culture that affect the way people respond to words, images, style and objects. Although the classic mechanical skills of painting, drawing, and sewing are still essential tools of our creative expressions, they have been augmented exponentially by the extraordinary means of the digital realm.


is a designer, illustrator,

painter and printmaker.

Originally from Chicago,

she received a BFA in

painting from the

University of CT, and

later on studied intaglio printmaking at the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts.


Jan’s drawings, paintings and prints have been featured in solo exhibits and group invitationals for decades, and her work is published in numerous editions of "The Art of Seeing" by Paul Zelanski and Mary Pat Fisher, published by Prentice Hall.


In 1995, Peter and Jan were awarded the University Medal by the University of CT. And in 2009 they were honored as “Design Legends” by the Connecticut AIGA and the CT Art Directors Club.


More recently, Jan's extensive body of work became the subject of a major retrospective at the Cooley Gallery in Old Lyme, CT in 2012.

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